Advanced & Beginners Classes THQcabra Sydney Martial Arts Lion Dance


Learning THQ Martial arts is not as simple as developing the skills to kick and punch but to understand the importance of discipline, teamwork and respect.

Trung Han Qun (THQ) is made up of 2 different styles; Korean Taekwondo and Chinese Martial Arts (Shaolin).
Within THQ there are 4 belt colours, Red, Blue, Yellow and Black and each colour has 2 Dans (stripes) except yellow which has 3 Dans. In total there is 10 levels to reach Black Belt and students achieve this by qualifying and attending their grading. 
Belt levels are not purely judged by strength or skill but a combination of passion and leadership as well. 

THQmembers are given opportunities to explore different avenues within our style such as weapons training or combat training as well as lion dancing stunts. 
Students that are interested in only lion dancing will find themselves practicing more martial arts during the early stages of their training; this allows them build the foundations for lion dancing, such as stances and coordination. Students will also be encouraged to work strongly in groups to develop social skills, confidence and trust in team mates. 

Junior classes

THQcubs between ages 4-13

Senior classes

New students ages 13+

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what we train

Advanced & Beginners Classes THQcabra Sydney Martial Arts Lion Dance
Advanced & Beginners Classes THQcabra Sydney Martial Arts Lion Dance

fitness, strength & condition

sparring techniques

Advanced & Beginners Classes THQcabra Sydney Martial Arts Lion Dance
Advanced & Beginners Classes THQcabra Sydney Martial Arts Lion Dance

kicking & striking

lion dance stunts

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dragon dancing techniques



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Trung Han Qun (THQ) is a Mixed Martial arts consisting of Korean Taekwondo and Chinese Shoalin as well as Chinese Lion dancing. 

THQ is a very different type of team, we are a family. It might sound cheesy but it is definitely true. THQ is a place where we want our members feel safe, a sense of belonging, another place to call home. 
We are not perfect, but what family is? We try our best to stick together and resolve our issues no matter the circumstance.
Which also makes us one of the strongest performance teams out there. We are always looking to keep up our high reputation and making each show count.

Our focuses are dependent on seasonal events, for example months up until the Lunar New Years we focus predominantly on our Lion dancing. But every lesson we incorporate Martial Arts training drills.

Unfortunately no. We believe martial arts plays a vital part in Lion dancing as Lion dancing is a form of Martial arts. Our students also progress a lot faster because of our Martial arts background. 
And lion dancing is important in forming bonds and a sense of togetherness which strengthens our team as a whole. 

We cannot have one without the other.

We offer free trials to those that are interested in Lion Dancing and Martial Arts. All you have to do is take the first step and tryout. Send us a message if you are interested in doing the free trial!

Once new members have completed their trials, one of our leaders will be happy to figure a package for you.   

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